"I've Seen All Good People"

That I remain positive in quoting this positive song title by the positively named band, Yes, I shall not continue with the lyrics that follow the title, "turn their heads each day," even though this may simply be to cough or watch the girl from Ipanema walk by (the Olympics are over?  Had I met my deadline, I swear the allusion would be relevant).  

A bit of a rough start.  Where was I (a less disconcerting question than, "Where am I?", though both valid)?  Positivity!  I can honestly say that in the year that Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies has been about, I've seen all good people.  To a person you, my clients, have been friendly people with easy smiles.  And probably "gooder" than I, as if I were a decent sort, I'd throw a party and introduce you to each other.  I'm sure you'd find a friend, if not a million dollars (these imaginary parties are great, huh?).  

Who knows?  Maybe someday I will throw a soiree, but at the least it will have to wait until I stop running my new, mile-long van into garbage cans (turns out I have to pay a deductible for both sides).  Until then, know that you have made my job not only more pleasurable, but also easier, and for that I thank you, Good People.