Blogging for Dollars

Yeah, I know - an old cat makes an allusion, and few get it.  When I was a kid there was a show on television called Bowling for Dollars.  I don't recall ever having watched it, or I've repressed the event, but it was there and kind of a favorite punching bag for late night talk show hosts.  I can imagine Johnny Carson announcing, "Health food guru Dr. Oz has a new show.  You like health food, don't you Tommy?  Tommy? Somebody poke Tommy with a stick to see if he's alive.  So yeah, the healthy eating doctor has a new show.  It's called Bowling for Kumquats."  David Letterman might jest, "Now that Bordens is the new sponsor, Bowling for Dollars will no longer be called Bowling for Dollars.  Its new name - Bowling for Dollops.  That's Bowling for Dollops, Paul.  Doll -lups."

OK.  My impersonations aren't even good on paper, but I swear those guys would have used those jokes. And that wouldn't have been my fault.

 So I'm told I need to blog.  Professors must publish or perish, and business people must blog or go unnoticed (professors have a catchier slogan).  I'd like to do more videos, maybe favor you with a song or so, but I'm told that I have a voice for blogging.  So here ya go.  I am admitting outright that I'm blogging for dollars, and I've promised to do this weekly.  I was told that I don't even have to blog about moving supplies, which is good, because who wants to read about moving supplies?  Maybe those same people who watched Bowling for Dollars.