The Ultimate Moving Guide

Time to talk about everyone’s favorite activity - moving!

Now we at Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies don’t want moving to be so dreadful, and that is why we provide easy and convenient moving supplies right to your door. We thought it would be useful to break down the moving process into steps to make the process clear and less daunting!

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Step 1: Pick a Moving Company

Check out Wildcat Movers! They offer flat rate moving and have great reviews.

Step 2: Pack Up Like a Pro

Order your Elephant Trunk Containers and get started a few weeks before your official move date to reduce stress! Use the provided labels to mark what rooms the boxes belong in & whether they are fragile for an easy transaction with the movers. And try to get rid of whatever things you have that you don’t need or want anymore! Try selling things on Facebook Marketplace, or donate them! Find a list of non-profits all over the DFW area that will pick up furniture and appliances from your home here. Try to throw away as little stuff as possible.

Step 3: Have All the First Night Necessities

It would be terrible to get done with an exhausting day of moving (even with movers, it’s a tough day) and not know where any of your daily use items are. Prepare a First Night Necessities kit so you don’t have to deal with that! Have things like dishware & utensils, bedding, power strips, clothes, soap, minor cleaning supplies, and whatever else you tend to need readily available!

Step 4: The Important Stuff

Have all of your IDs and important documents easily accessible for you, you do not want to lose those! Also be sure to coordinate your utilities and schedule their set up before your move in date.

Step 5: Unpack & Organize

Get your stuff all organized and in the proper place for you as soon as possible - it’s best to start your home off on the right foot! Start with it as ideally set up as possible - even if there are some furniture items or accessories you still want to purchase. And be sure when you look for those to start with thrift stores and online shops like facebook marketplace - it’s less expensive and it’s a form of recycling! And once everything is unpacked, you can call or text Elephant Trunk and they will come and whisk your boxes away and you don’t have to deal with getting rid of those cardboard boxes!