John and Chloe Hancock demonstrating the difference between packing an Elephant Trunk box and a cardboard box.

Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies works to provide customers with the best possible experience by focusing on the following three components:

Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies Plastic Moving Boxes


We supply reusable, recycled, and recyclable moving boxes and moving accessories. Our priority is making the process of moving more environmentally friendly.


Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies Wardrobe Boxes


With the intention to make this service accessible to all, we keep our prices low and offer bundles to make our moving supplies affordable. For example, wardrobes are just $10 for rental’s duration.

Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies Moving Boxes for Rent


The Elephant Trunk process is very simple. Order your supplies either over the phone or online, and we deliver them to you. Then you pack them, move them, and unpack them, after which we will come pick them up.

If you are trying to find where to get moving boxes or where to buy moving boxes, look no further than Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies near you. You don’t need to buy cardboard moving boxes anymore. You can rent plastic bins that are ecological, economical, and easy. We are a one-stop shop for your moving and packaging needs. We can supply you with moving and packaging supplies such as moving containers, moving blankets, and wardrobe boxes.

We have Bundle Pricing available to fit your needs for different size homes, different lengths of time, and offer different sizes of boxes. We have done this to make your move easy and hassle free. Order today over the phone or online.