Rentable Moving Boxes and Supplies for Dallas/Ft.Worth Area Moves


Why Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies?  Our goal is to offer those moving an easy, ecological, and economical move.  There is no assembly required for our containers as there is for cardboard boxes - you just pack them, close the lid, apply one of our labels, and go on to the next.  The containers stack uniformly and neatly.  Not only are our moving supplies easy to use, they are also easy to obtain and get rid of.  I deliver them and pick them up. The Elephant Trunk method is ecologically sound, as by employing reusable product we avoid adding further to landfills.  Finally, we are economical.  When you combine our pricing with the time gained not only in packing but also moving (especially important if you are hiring a mover who charges by the hour), we're a solid bargain.  And that's why Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies.

A quick introduction to how Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies works, presented by founder and owner John Hancock.

We now offer gift certificates.