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One of the perks of using Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies for your DFW local move is that we deliver! All the boxes, dollies, and accessories are brought right to your door by the smiling (sometimes sweating) face of one of the owners, John Hancock! And since we deliver all over the metroplex, we have been to 82 difference cities!


If you are ever wondering whether we deliver to your city in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can always feel free to call or text 214-755-4675! OR you can message us on facebook! And while you’re there, you should go ahead and like our page!

If you have an upcoming local move please remember us. Before driving yourself to the store to buy cardboard boxes, let us bring some even better boxes to your door!

Read reviews from our customers about the positive moving experiences they have had with hassle free plastic moving boxes from Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies!!

Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies Featured on Hot On! Homes

The process of moving homes is stressful to anyone. You have to pack, find a reputable moving company, make sure nothing breaks during the move, unpack. Imagine the trouble you have go through to find the right boxes to pack your personal belongings, whether they are from the Kitchen or bathroom or any other room in the house.

Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies can help you eliminate the hassle of finding the right boxes, by providing you with economical, ecological & plastic moving boxes. Boxes come in various sizes and with various rent options, depending on how long you need to keep them. We bring the boxes to you to pack and come back and pick them up when you are done unpacking in your new home. These boxes stack very easily and reduce amount of space they take in moving vans.

Here is a demonstration of the process, as featured on Hot On! Homes TV Show.

Call us at 214-755-4675 or Order Online.

Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies Partners with Lovepacs - Plano

Lovepacs is a local service group started in November of 2011 in The Colony when the four founding families learned of students at Camey Elementary being sent home on Fridays with backpacks of food because they were not getting enough over the weekends. In order to expand the program to more students, they started Lovepacs. You can read more about the founding here.


So in preparation for spring break in PISD, Lovepacs is collecting donations to give to kids in need. And Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies is providing the containers to the donation locations!

Donation Locations

Food List

  • Canned Corn (14 oz)

  • Canned Green Beans (14 oz)

  • Canned Mixed Vegetalbes (14 oz)

  • Canned Fruit (14 oz)

  • Box of Cereal (12 oz)

  • Canned Chef Boyardee (14 oz)

  • Canned Pork & Beans (14 oz)

  • Canned Chili with Beans (14 oz)

  • Jar of Jelly (plastic 24 - 32 oz)

  • Jar of Peanut Butter (16 oz)

  • 6 Pack Applesauce Pack

  • Cup Easy Mac

  • Ramen Noodles

  • Pop Tarts

  • Granola Bars

  • Oatmeal Packets

  • Box Animal Crackers (or similar snack with 10 services)

Anything you can possibly give, including a donation online, would be an immense help.

Lovepacs is Engaging Communities to Feed Children in Need as an Expression of Love.

Whether to Rent Plastic Containers or use Cardboard Boxes for your next move?

Regardless of how you do it, moving is rarely anxiety-proof.  There are too many moving parts.  So to be as less anxious as you might, renting from a business that provides rentable, reusable containers, could well be the best way to go. 

In terms of availability, you most likely will have to reside in a larger city to rent reusable boxes.  But, here are the advantages:

  • These companies will deliver the containers to your sold home and then pick them up at your new home on your terms. 

  • These plastic containers nest within each other, so they take up much less space and provide much less awkwardness than the cardboard box. 

  • You will not have to put boxes together (and if you’ve ever fought with a tape gun, you’ll recognize that the gun most often wins), and you’ll have nothing to break down and recycle.

As for the convenience of the plastic containers, aside from not having to put them together,

  • It will be quickly noticed that they are labeled easily,

  • They are easy to open, and they will not have to be cut open and taped and re-taped. 

  • f you pack something early and decide it is something needed before the move, you won’t have to blade a box, then remove tape only to have to re-tape it once more. 

  • Again, if you’ve ever gone into combat with a tape gun, you’ll not want to do such again, regardless of your being a competent human and will defeat the gun at some point. 

Plastic containers stack very nicely, as opposed to the random cardboard box. Moving companies have dollies that accommodate these containers.  These boxes stack well, so they don’t slide around in a moving truck.  Because they fit snugly, they take up less space in a moving truck, so you might spend less for the space.  As they are easy to move, they oftentimes pay for themselves as they can take hours off a move.  They also do not burst from the bottom, as cardboard boxes do.

Another huge advantage reusable plastic containers have over cardboard boxes is that they are pest-free.  Insects such as roaches and termites are all too happy to nest within, and it is easily possible to accidentally transfer the miscreants to your next home. 

Plastic containers are often made from recyclable materials.  They can be reused many times, and the advantage of this is easily obvious to those even negligibly aware.

When the move is over, you don’t have to find a place in a landfill to place plastic containers.  The renter will pick them up, so your consideration of them will be over. That they must be returned by a certain date is to the renter’s advantage, as that serves as motivation to get on with the unpacking. 

Unless you are considering storing your possessions for a long period of time, the choice between purchasing cardboard boxes versus renting plastic containers is all kinds of lopsided towards the containers. When you consider the ease, economics, and ecological advantages involved in the renting of plastic containers in a local move, this is the only way to go.

Here is another article by Leslie Lang on the same topic:


Give us a call at Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies at 214-755-4675 or send us a message about your next move. We are glad to help.