Why Choose Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies?



  • Elephant Trunk boxes stack easily and consistently when empty and when full.

  • Our boxes have attached interlocking lids, which make them easy to open and close.

  • They are easy to move and can take an hour off of a professional move, oftentimes helping them pay for themselves.

  • If you pack something too soon, you do not have to cut tape and then re-tape after removing the object.


  • Containers are delivered and picked up where you request.

  • Unlike cardboard boxes, you do not have to decide what to do with the containers after use.

  • Containers are reusable, so there are no additions to landfills.

  • Just check our our reviews, hear about the experiences of other people and you’ll know Elephant Trunk is the best option for moving containers


Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies has been helping families across DFW metroplex with ecological, economical, easy-to-move boxes. Visit our FAQs page to get answers for questions you may have on rentable plastic moving boxes OR simply call us at 214-755-4675 .