We Have Gift Certificates!

Have a wife's birthday celebration coming up?  How about an uncle's wedding anniversary?  A grandmother's  business promotion?  You're right - Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies gift certificates are not for these events.  But for anyone moving locally in the Dallas area, these gift certificates will receive a warmer welcome than a long, lost sock.  What you will be providing your treasured friend, relative, or client besides a really neat looking sheet of paper is a ticket to an easier and more ecologically sound move.  With our certificates, the recipient will not have to forage for or purchase cardboard boxes, as I will bring our lidded, plastic containers to his or her home.  The recipient also will not have to wrestle with a tape gun, therefore sparing him or herself not only of the hideous sounds of tape emanating from the gun, but also the hideous sounds emanating from his or herownself when the tape tangles seven ways to never.  And when the move is over and the mover unpacked, I will come to the new home and pick up the containers, thereby denying the landfill further landfill.   

It should be mentioned that the idea of Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies gift certificates was given to me by a Realtor (thank you, ma'm), and it's an especially good idea for the profession. Most Realtors give a gift of some form to their clients, so what could be better than giving them a service that eases the anxiety of a move, other than a ticket to a resort until the move is over? Once again, Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies provides the wise, economical choice!

So when you know someone is moving in the Dallas area, and you'd like to give him, her, or them something they will gladly use, think Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies gift certificates. They can be purchased by a room package, by a monetary value, or most any fashion you dream.  I can figure it out.  Give me a call at 214-755-4675.  I promise that I'm a lot easier to talk to than read.