LeBron Sells Tartoon Balloons in Town

     Up to this moment, I have believed that the balloons sold by Levon are made of tartoon.  I assumed that tartoon was some type of rubber-like product, and I thought it cool that either Bernie Taupin  or Elton John was cool enough to know from what material balloons are made.  Imagine how disappointed I feel to now know that Levon has been selling the not half-as-cool, cartoon balloons.  I mean which would you rather have - a cartoon balloon or a tartoon balloon?  

     I've mistaken plenty of song lyrics over time, but this is only the second time that I have liked my version so much better.  The other was a song sung by Wilson Pickett - "You're Lookin' Good".  Seems that after he sings, "You're lookin' good" a couple of times, he follows the line with, "just like I knew thatcha would." Good enough, but I heard better. Up until a few years ago, I thought the woman was lookin' good "just like a new batcha wood. Alright!"  I could see these freshly cut, pine two-by-fours stacked all nicely and found the simile to be perfect.  And she'd be smellin' good, too. What the heck?

     Yes, this was initially to be about LeBron James.  I was thinking that now that he has delivered a championship to Cleveland, he might be on the move again (there's cold in them Cleveland hills!).  In doing such, he might require that I deliver some Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies to his door.  He could use plenty of my moving containers, wrap, dollies, and wardrobes.  That's at least as realistic as a tartoon balloon.