Moving Boxes . . . or What's in a Name?

I recognized early on that were I to be recognized for what I do I'd have to change the business's name from simply Elephant Trunk.  So I decided upon Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies.  This might not have been proper recognition.  It seems that when people search for moving supplies, they most often use the search term "moving boxes", so maybe I should have gone with Elephant Trunk Moving Boxes.  But for some reason, I have a difficult time calling my products "boxes".  And so do my customers.  Some call them "trunks", which I like.  Others have called them "totes", "crates", or "whatdoyoucall'ems?".  I say call 'em what you like.  There are few names that I don't mess with anyway.  I call my dog, Sparky, Al.  I call my shoes "dogs".  I probably shouldn't do this, as neither comes when I call.  So I'm thinking that when names apply to businesses, one shouldn't necessarily "think outside the cardboard box."  I'm still tempted to call the wardrobes "portmanteaus" though.