One of the more impressive qualities of our customers is the desire to be helpful to our company.  One of my first blogs had to do with enthusiasm and how often I'm greeted with such from those to whom I deliver.  More recently I have noted how often my customers volunteer to help.  They tell me that if I need a good word from someone, let them know and they'll be happy to vouch for us.  It seems that many have been in marketing or are well acquainted with someone in marketing, and as we are not exactly a household name, I am often given marketing advice or put in touch with someone who might be of service.  I have used advice given or been in contact with referrals quite often, so suggestions are gladly taken.  Thank you for your help.  I tell most anyone I meet that I have the best customers in the tri-state area (feel free to pick your own three states.  I just wanted to say "tri-state area"), and you make deliveries and pick-ups a joy.  And thank you for employing Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies for your moving box and moving supplies needs.  You are appreciated.