Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies Featured on Hot On! Homes

The process of moving homes is stressful to anyone. You have to pack, find a reputable moving company, make sure nothing breaks during the move, unpack. Imagine the trouble you have go through to find the right boxes to pack your personal belongings, whether they are from the Kitchen or bathroom or any other room in the house.

Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies can help you eliminate the hassle of finding the right boxes, by providing you with economical, ecological & plastic moving boxes. Boxes come in various sizes and with various rent options, depending on how long you need to keep them. We bring the boxes to you to pack and come back and pick them up when you are done unpacking in your new home. These boxes stack very easily and reduce amount of space they take in moving vans.

Here is a demonstration of the process, as featured on Hot On! Homes TV Show.

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