Owner Thoughts

A Simple Public Service Announcement

If you are considering purchasing cardboard boxes for your Dallas/Ft. Worth move, reconsider and rent plastic boxes from Elephant Trunk.  We are ecological, economical, and easy.  We deliver the boxes and other supplies you might wish to your current home, you pack them, you move them, you unpack them, and then we pick them up at your new home.  The boxes nest nicely and neatly, and with our affixable labels, organization is easily maintained. Compare our prices with the cost of cardboard,  and you'll be pleasantly surprised. One satisfied customer said, "Using Elephant Trunk was the best part of the move."  So if you're moving locally, Go Gray! With our ease of use and convenience, we're sure you'll find the moving process much simpler.


The great Ralph Waldo Emerson once, or maybe several times, said, "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" (the guy was notoriously quotable.  I still love "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."  No one could get away with using "hobgoblin" like Emerson) , and I agree.  What I especially appreciate is the enthusiasm with which our enterprise has been met.  Not only have our customers been enthusiastic, but also are those whom I have told what it is we are doing.  My job is to warrant this enthusiasm, and I do so enthusiastically.  Thank you.  

Box Size Rationale

So yesterday it was landfills, and today is it box size.  No doubt I'm leading up to some seductive discussion like "Nutrient Intake and the Ringworm".   But I think it's somewhat important  to impart my rationale for box size, and it's basically this:  I don't want people busting the fire out of their knuckles when passing our boxes through their doors.  Our regular size boxes satisfy this desire.  You can walk straight through a standard issue door frame in your standard bliss whilst holding these .  With the large containers, you can hand truck them through easily enough, but so as not to rub knuckles on wood, you'll have to put thought into positioning them when carrying them through some portals.  There ya go.  Here's hoping that wasn't too painful to read.  Now I need to go find a rocker.


As the topic is landfills, let's hope this is not merely space fill (what the heck - this is not an exactly optimistic subject).  An article in the Sunday, September 27, 2015 edition of The Dallas Morning News goes on to discuss how we in the United States are sending twice as much to landfills than the EPA had estimated.  I would be happy to roll with the "lies, darned lies, and statistics" bit (they say we average sending five pounds a day per person to the landfills, but just the other day I helped clean out a garage which must have covered for 100 people, so there's not an easy correlation going on here), but it is interesting that the gov thought we were recycling a third of our garbage when it's more likely we're only going for a fifth (probably both sets of statisticians did much the same when compiling < I know.  I should scotch that comment>).  So surely, Shirley, this is where Elephant Trunk steps in.  With Elephant Trunk, there is no disposal of cardboard boxes or bubble wrap; hence, less burdening of our landfills.  Also, our reusable moving boxes come complete with lids affixed; hence, less burdening of your soul while trying to wield that "mor miserables"* tape dispenser.  Go Gray!

*Certainly someone else has said this.

What I Do

Were you to delete the pronoun "we" throughout the piece "What We Do" and replace it with "I", that's what I do. I'm pretty much a one man show until I get off of this Maytag repairman schedule. I also clean the containers, smash a finger here and there, and sweat a bit.  The latter will change some with the change of season, but I imagine the rest to stay consistent for awhile.  

What We Do

At Elephant Trunk, we provide rentable, reusable moving containers  and supplies for Dallas - Fort Worth area moves.  The way we operate is that customers make calls or order on line,  they decide upon what package and/or products they want, we deliver, the customers pack, move, and unpack, then we come and pick up the products.  We are ecological, economical, and easy.  Go gray!