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Whether to Rent Plastic Containers or use Cardboard Boxes for your next move?

Regardless of how you do it, moving is rarely anxiety-proof.  There are too many moving parts.  So to be as less anxious as you might, renting from a business that provides rentable, reusable containers, could well be the best way to go. 

In terms of availability, you most likely will have to reside in a larger city to rent reusable boxes.  But, here are the advantages:

  • These companies will deliver the containers to your sold home and then pick them up at your new home on your terms. 

  • These plastic containers nest within each other, so they take up much less space and provide much less awkwardness than the cardboard box. 

  • You will not have to put boxes together (and if you’ve ever fought with a tape gun, you’ll recognize that the gun most often wins), and you’ll have nothing to break down and recycle.

As for the convenience of the plastic containers, aside from not having to put them together,

  • It will be quickly noticed that they are labeled easily,

  • They are easy to open, and they will not have to be cut open and taped and re-taped. 

  • f you pack something early and decide it is something needed before the move, you won’t have to blade a box, then remove tape only to have to re-tape it once more. 

  • Again, if you’ve ever gone into combat with a tape gun, you’ll not want to do such again, regardless of your being a competent human and will defeat the gun at some point. 

Plastic containers stack very nicely, as opposed to the random cardboard box. Moving companies have dollies that accommodate these containers.  These boxes stack well, so they don’t slide around in a moving truck.  Because they fit snugly, they take up less space in a moving truck, so you might spend less for the space.  As they are easy to move, they oftentimes pay for themselves as they can take hours off a move.  They also do not burst from the bottom, as cardboard boxes do.

Another huge advantage reusable plastic containers have over cardboard boxes is that they are pest-free.  Insects such as roaches and termites are all too happy to nest within, and it is easily possible to accidentally transfer the miscreants to your next home. 

Plastic containers are often made from recyclable materials.  They can be reused many times, and the advantage of this is easily obvious to those even negligibly aware.

When the move is over, you don’t have to find a place in a landfill to place plastic containers.  The renter will pick them up, so your consideration of them will be over. That they must be returned by a certain date is to the renter’s advantage, as that serves as motivation to get on with the unpacking. 

Unless you are considering storing your possessions for a long period of time, the choice between purchasing cardboard boxes versus renting plastic containers is all kinds of lopsided towards the containers. When you consider the ease, economics, and ecological advantages involved in the renting of plastic containers in a local move, this is the only way to go.

Here is another article by Leslie Lang on the same topic:


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Moving Boxes . . . or What's in a Name?

I recognized early on that were I to be recognized for what I do I'd have to change the business's name from simply Elephant Trunk.  So I decided upon Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies.  This might not have been proper recognition.  It seems that when people search for moving supplies, they most often use the search term "moving boxes", so maybe I should have gone with Elephant Trunk Moving Boxes.  But for some reason, I have a difficult time calling my products "boxes".  And so do my customers.  Some call them "trunks", which I like.  Others have called them "totes", "crates", or "whatdoyoucall'ems?".  I say call 'em what you like.  There are few names that I don't mess with anyway.  I call my dog, Sparky, Al.  I call my shoes "dogs".  I probably shouldn't do this, as neither comes when I call.  So I'm thinking that when names apply to businesses, one shouldn't necessarily "think outside the cardboard box."  I'm still tempted to call the wardrobes "portmanteaus" though.


I have consistently enjoyed driving around the towns in which I live.  One of my better jobs, straight out of college, was delivering meat to various Sizzler restaurants in Louisville, KY.  My dad wasn't quite so impressed, but at least he found it a step up from my feeble attempt at steering a cab.  But just as in any endeavor, there is a downside to my cruising, and that is my being forced into being the most gracious denizen of the drive.  Not only do I have to be Mr. Pleasant because my business is shouted at anyone my van has within view, but also I have my telephone number on three sides.  As my telephone is piped through the speakers, I don't need anyone screaming their blue noise at me and blowedin' 'em up. Real good (SCTV allusion. Anyone ever hear of Billy Sol Hurok and Big Jim McBob? They blowed up Neil Sedaka real good <anyone hear of Neil Sedaka?  SCTV?  YouTube it then.>).  

So I remain most polite person on the road.  But I can dream through my politeness, and what I dream is that people would take it a little easier and get off of my rear bumper.  I don't doubt others dream the same.  I understand the tight squeeze, but usually there is little reason for anyone to be so near.  And I can't help but believe that those accidents about our highways each morning which back traffic from infinity to beyond have much to do with proximity of bumpers and fenders.  Instead of tailgating, I wish for talegaiting, which is to say that when I blog for Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies, I would like for people run to their computers to read my tales.  It's much safer, and at least if you become angered by my shameless twist of the word "tailgating," your written response to my blog wouldn't blow my speakers.


Outgoing and Incoming Administrations

Yes, the administration here is outgoing and will chipper-cheerfully have moving supplies incoming to your home.  When you're finished with them, we'll hip-hop happily be incoming to your new place to get them outgoing and out of your way.   Now how's that for good administrations (and bad writing)? Hopefully it's taken your mind away from all the political noise going on right about now.  And for even better administration, this piece might earn me a week off from blogging, as Chloe might be rethinking her wanting me to write one of these each week.  One way or the other, I'm trying.  Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies - We're thinking outside the cardboard box!

Blogging for Dollars

Yeah, I know - an old cat makes an allusion, and few get it.  When I was a kid there was a show on television called Bowling for Dollars.  I don't recall ever having watched it, or I've repressed the event, but it was there and kind of a favorite punching bag for late night talk show hosts.  I can imagine Johnny Carson announcing, "Health food guru Dr. Oz has a new show.  You like health food, don't you Tommy?  Tommy? Somebody poke Tommy with a stick to see if he's alive.  So yeah, the healthy eating doctor has a new show.  It's called Bowling for Kumquats."  David Letterman might jest, "Now that Bordens is the new sponsor, Bowling for Dollars will no longer be called Bowling for Dollars.  Its new name - Bowling for Dollops.  That's Bowling for Dollops, Paul.  Doll -lups."

OK.  My impersonations aren't even good on paper, but I swear those guys would have used those jokes. And that wouldn't have been my fault.

 So I'm told I need to blog.  Professors must publish or perish, and business people must blog or go unnoticed (professors have a catchier slogan).  I'd like to do more videos, maybe favor you with a song or so, but I'm told that I have a voice for blogging.  So here ya go.  I am admitting outright that I'm blogging for dollars, and I've promised to do this weekly.  I was told that I don't even have to blog about moving supplies, which is good, because who wants to read about moving supplies?  Maybe those same people who watched Bowling for Dollars.

"I've Seen All Good People"

That I remain positive in quoting this positive song title by the positively named band, Yes, I shall not continue with the lyrics that follow the title, "turn their heads each day," even though this may simply be to cough or watch the girl from Ipanema walk by (the Olympics are over?  Had I met my deadline, I swear the allusion would be relevant).  

A bit of a rough start.  Where was I (a less disconcerting question than, "Where am I?", though both valid)?  Positivity!  I can honestly say that in the year that Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies has been about, I've seen all good people.  To a person you, my clients, have been friendly people with easy smiles.  And probably "gooder" than I, as if I were a decent sort, I'd throw a party and introduce you to each other.  I'm sure you'd find a friend, if not a million dollars (these imaginary parties are great, huh?).  

Who knows?  Maybe someday I will throw a soiree, but at the least it will have to wait until I stop running my new, mile-long van into garbage cans (turns out I have to pay a deductible for both sides).  Until then, know that you have made my job not only more pleasurable, but also easier, and for that I thank you, Good People.  

LeBron Sells Tartoon Balloons in Town

     Up to this moment, I have believed that the balloons sold by Levon are made of tartoon.  I assumed that tartoon was some type of rubber-like product, and I thought it cool that either Bernie Taupin  or Elton John was cool enough to know from what material balloons are made.  Imagine how disappointed I feel to now know that Levon has been selling the not half-as-cool, cartoon balloons.  I mean which would you rather have - a cartoon balloon or a tartoon balloon?  

     I've mistaken plenty of song lyrics over time, but this is only the second time that I have liked my version so much better.  The other was a song sung by Wilson Pickett - "You're Lookin' Good".  Seems that after he sings, "You're lookin' good" a couple of times, he follows the line with, "just like I knew thatcha would." Good enough, but I heard better. Up until a few years ago, I thought the woman was lookin' good "just like a new batcha wood. Alright!"  I could see these freshly cut, pine two-by-fours stacked all nicely and found the simile to be perfect.  And she'd be smellin' good, too. What the heck?

     Yes, this was initially to be about LeBron James.  I was thinking that now that he has delivered a championship to Cleveland, he might be on the move again (there's cold in them Cleveland hills!).  In doing such, he might require that I deliver some Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies to his door.  He could use plenty of my moving containers, wrap, dollies, and wardrobes.  That's at least as realistic as a tartoon balloon.

Bag Waving

I’m at the grocery store yesterday – a nice grocery store – when I find myself at the meat counter (up to that point, I was totally lost to myself).  I am pleasantly asked, "How may I help you," and I pleasantly responded, “A half a pound of the roast beef, please.”  So the guy sliced it up, bagged it up, handed it up, and asked if I would like anything else, to which I replied, “No thank you.”  Pretty nice encounter so far. We’re a couple of humans who have politely acknowledged each other.  But as he handed me the beef, his eyes were on the bag as he muttered, “Have a nice day.”  Was he talking to me or the beef?  Must have been me, as a side of beef never has a nice day.  But why didn't he look at me?

This was a fairly eventful day, so I had the opportunity to reacquaint myself at the drug store – a nice drug store.  As I entered between the walls of the security system, this voice yelled out to me, “Welcome to our nationwide drug store,” or something akin to that.  As I turned to respond with a nicety of my own, I saw only a clerk behind a counter who was busying himself with what I’m guessing was the untangling of a knot.  What else focuses an attention so strongly?  Or maybe I’m selfish.  When I am greeted by a person, I usually respond in kind.  “How ya doin’?”  “Fine. How you doin’?”  Seems a simple social interaction. Or maybe I’m tied in knots over knothing.    

Dare I go on?  Today I went out to meet myself at a nice department store, and once again a nice gentleman waited on me, and once again when he thanked me, he did not look at me.  In another department I was once again haveanicedayed, and again I was not contacted by eye.  Finally, I checked out in the women’s department with my wife, and we were both looked at, smiled at, and thanked, and I want to write the store owner to have this clerk elevated to supervisor of the shopping world.  Such simple, pleasant interaction, and it pleased me no end that our clerk was neither sapped of her energy nor robbed of her soul by her actions.    

So what do I want?  It’s simple.  If you are in the service industry, I am in your presence, and you are going to speak to me, look at me.  Top your appreciation of my patronage or your well-wishing of my future with a little smile or a look of sincerity.  Management - train your staff properly.  I promise I will do this with Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies.  Otherwise, just hand me my bag, and I’ll go away.  I can use the extra time in search of myself.

Google Verbiage

I was recently sent a "Google My Business" code that I might be found through its services.  Pleased big time, I immediately entered the code and now I can be found - if you already know about me.  Were you to google moving containers, container rental, moving container rental, moving containers for rent, moving container companies, portable moving containers, moving services, or moving supplies Dallas- base SEO recommendations - you will find a Denton moving company before you find me.  Heck, you'll probably even find love before you find me, as I gave up after page 7.  So what's a guy have to say?  Allow me to repeat myself (you don't have to read this) - moving containers, container rental, moving container rental, moving containers for rent, moving container companies, portable moving containers, moving services, or moving supplies Dallas.