Frisco, TX


Daniel Baek from Frisco, TX recently found out about Elephant Trunk Moving Supplies & our Plastic Moving Boxes. He hired us to help with his move. We dropped off the boxes for him to pack and picked them up after unpacking. No hassle move. Convenience these plastic boxes bring through-out your moving process packing, loading/unloading to/from the truck, & unpacking is impeccable!

Hear what Daniel had to say about his personal experience with us.

Elephant Trunk makes moving so much more convenient. I would highly highly recommend them over using traditional card board boxes. John delivered and picked up the boxes at a convenient time for me and he is so friendly and easy to work with! Wonderful company!
— Daniel Baek - Frisco, TX

If you planning a move in the near future call us to find out more about Plastic Moving Boxes.