Grapevine, TX

We had the opportunity to help Sammi Hill from Grapevine, TX with their move. We are very glad to hear about their extremely positive experience with our service and our plastic moving boxes.

Using Elephant Trunk moving supplies made my recent move the easiest move ever! I’ve moved 12 times in 14 years and this was by far the easiest and most efficient. No building boxes or dealing with tape, just fill the appropriate size box and fold it shut then they stack easily so everything stays organized! They delivered the boxes to me and came and picked them up once I was finished unpacking at my new house. The whole experience was wonderful. No wasting of boxes, no need to recycle or store old boxes and because you will return the plastic bins you have to unpack everything. No more finding unpacked boxes two years later in your attic! I will definitely only be using Elephant Trunk moving supplies for my future moves.
— Sammi Hill - Grapevine, TX

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